Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Help Sony Ericsson find the first Pinoy flag bearer to the 2010 FIFA World Cup! :-)

Natanggap ko sa aking e-mail:

"Guys, Sony Ericsson is sending one Pinoy kid to South Africa to become the first Philippine flag bearer to the 2010 FIFA World Cup! Isali niyo na ang mga kids niyo (son, daughter, apo, nephew, niece, cousin, inaanak, etc), just upload a 30-60 second video of your kid showing why they deserve to be chosen. :-) Visit for full contest details :)"

So ayan, sali na kayo! :-) Please note that the contest is open only to Filipino citizens.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ad Congress "Perspectives"

Damn! Perspectives, perspectives.

I think I'm having that same feeling I felt after watching "Vantage Point". Yung magulo but after figuring it out you feel like Sherlock Holmes.

Ikaw, sino sa tingin mo ang whodunnit?

Bahala na si Batman--makikigulo ako sa upcoming Ad Congress sa Baguio!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sarsi: Angat Sa Iba (1989)

I told myself I won't post videos here but......

I don't recall ever seeing this Sarsi ad, but I'm so glad to have stumbled upon this now!

I just love the message! At iba pa ang look ng Sarsi bottle noon haha. They're still with Cosmos pa noon. I hope this nice battle cry makes a come back.

Jolina, Angelu and Guia for Newtex

Will you look at that! Before Angelu de Leon went crazy over Joko Diaz, before Jolina Magdangal switched TV networks, and before Guia Alvarez totally slipped out of showbiz consciousness, these three girls were once endorsers of Newtex (yung sanitary napkin. Hindi ako target market, obviously). For those who really can't remember Guia, she started in Ang TV (everybody now: "Esmyuskee!!!")


They looked so fresh and vibrant in this ad--save for Guia Alvarez's we smile. I have no idea if it's a half-meant smile or what.
Ad copy:
What? Miss the fun because you have? No way! With Newtex, pwede ka pa ring mag-enjoy! Kasi ang Newtex, tamang tama ang thickness kaya sigurado ka sa protection. You'll feel can be yourself! Ang saya di ba?
(Product shot) Newtex. Pagkat dalaga ka na!

May Queensland Butter Pa Ba?

I used to always see this ad in print dati. May Queensland Butter pa ba ngayon? Pang-Dairy Creme lang kasi ako hahaha.


Simple lang ang ad pero rak! Never mind that it looks like floorwax...